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The micro excavation market has entered a period of rapid development

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A micro excavator is a mini excavator, also known as a mini excavator. Usually, an excavator with a total weight of less than 6t is defined as a micro excavator. The biggest feature of a micro excavator is that it is small in size, has strong passability, is flexible in construction, and is suitable for narrow working conditions.

With the continuous exploration of the market segment of excavator products and the increasing demand for micro excavator products, domestic micro excavators have begun to join the micro excavation market, which was once dominated by foreign brands. The once ignored micro excavator has become the focus of major brands.

Since the advent of the industrial age, whether the main force of the labor force is people or machines has always been an undecided topic. With the gradual increase of aging in China, the "demographic dividend" has gradually weakened, and labor costs have increased day by day, which has accelerated the process of mechanical replacement of manual labor.

In recent years, with the continuous improvement of my country's economic level and urbanization level, labor costs have also gradually increased with the development of the economy. The development process of "replacing labor with machinery" has been significantly accelerated, and mechanized construction has become an inevitable choice.

my country is in the stage of accelerated urbanization. The country strongly supports the development of small and medium-sized cities and characteristic small towns. In addition, the planting industry and breeding industry are constantly rising, which means that there will be more and more small earthwork projects such as urban construction, road maintenance, and farmland water conservancy. In addition, the construction methods of small earthwork projects are becoming more and more refined, and engineering machinery is gradually changing from "large demolition and construction" to "meticulous craftsmanship". People have higher and higher requirements for municipal maintenance, landscaping and other maintenance. These tasks cannot be completed manually, which provides a broad stage for micro excavators to show their talents.

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