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What accessories are equipped with your micro excavator?

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The micro excavator is simple to operate,compact,and easy to transport.It can rotate freely in a two-meter space and is suitable for construction in more working conditions.Its versatility includes excavation,crushing,ditch cleaning,drilling,and is equipped with a bulldozer.It can replace accessories,which greatly increases the utilization rate of the machine and improves construction efficiency.It has very high work efficiency and cost performance.

Drilling holes in the soil layer:The spiral drill uses the drill rod to drive the rotary rotation to cut the soil during the work process,and then lifts it to the outside of the hole to unload the soil.It is mainly used for drilling operations on various soil types,such as tree planting drilling,well drilling,coal sampling,etc.

The breaker is also known as a hydraulic breaker.The breaker is also called a cannon head in the south.It is mainly used for mining and demolition of various concrete building facilities.

Hydraulic shears are also known as hydraulic pliers.This equipment is mainly used in the demolition of buildings and is much more efficient than a breaker.

Narrow buckets can be selected for deep trench operations in rural fields.

The ripper is also known as a cracker.It is mainly used for weathered stone construction.It is easier to use in layered working conditions.It is difficult to dig with a bucket and it is a bit easy and wasteful to hit with a breaker.At this time,using a ripper will greatly improve the construction efficiency.First,use the ripper to separate the soil layer or weathered stone layer,and then use the quick connector to switch the bucket for loading.

The wood grabber is also known as a wood clamp.It is divided into hydraulic wood grabbers and mechanical wood grabbers.The hydraulic wood grabber is further divided into hydraulic rotating wood grabbers and fixed wood grabbers.The wood grabber can be used to grab stones and scrap steel after the claws are redesigned and modified.It is mainly used to grab wood and bamboo.Loading and unloading is very fast and convenient.

The quick connector is also known as a quick connector or quick conversion connector.It is specially used to switch between breaker hammers(or other equipment)and buckets.Generally,a skilled operator can switch equipment in no more than 30 seconds,while in the past it took 40 to 60 minutes and more than two people to operate.

Lotus gripper,also known as hydraulic claw,is mainly used as a device for automatically grabbing materials.It is indispensable in various types of engineering loading and unloading.It can load and unload a large amount of bulk materials on site,such as production and living garbage,scrap iron,scrap steel and other solid wastes,to achieve rapid transportation and conversion of solid wastes.

Small vibration rammer,the working principle of the vibration rammer is to use the hydraulic motor to drive the eccentric mechanism to rotate,and the vibration generated by the rotation acts on the rammed material through the ramming plate to make it compact.The vibration rammer is easy to operate and has a good compaction effect.It is mainly used to compact slope roads,water conservancy dams,building foundations,etc.It is suitable for compacting materials with less bonding force between particles,such as river sand,gravel,asphalt,etc.

Micro excavators can quickly install breaker hammers,spiral drills,loosening devices,vibration rammers,various clamps,etc.,to carry out crushing work on road surfaces or interior decoration,dig pits when planting trees,and loosen the soil for farmland greenhouses.The adjustable bulldozer equipped with it can level the farmland.

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