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Excavator knowledge
1505,2024 What is the best mini excavator for a farm?

What is the best mini excavator for a farm?

What is the best mini excavator for a farm?For farms, it is important to choose the right mini excavator. Here are some suggestions:Power and weight: The power and weight of the excavator need to be matched to the specific needs of the farm. Generally speaking, 5-8 ton mini excavators are the size commonly used on farms. A machine of this size is adequate for most agricultural tasks, while still being compact and flexible for easy operation in tight farm environments.Stability and balance: The farm terrain is compl···

1405,2024 Why would you want a wheeled excavator?

Why would you want a wheeled excavator?

Why do you need a wheeled excavator? Here are some of the main reasons:Strong mobility: Compared with crawler excavators, wheeled excavators have greater mobility and flexibility. Wheeled excavators can travel on roads more easily without the need for special crawler gear. This makes them more suitable for working in urban areas or tight job sites without causing excessive damage to the road surface.Faster speed: Compared with crawler excavators, wheeled excavators can travel faster on the road, generally reaching ···

1305,2024 How deep can a 320 excavator dig?

How deep can a 320 excavator dig?

The maximum digging depth of a 320 excavator is approximately 6-8 meters. The following is a more detailed introduction:The 320 model excavator usually belongs to the category of medium-sized excavators and is currently the most widely used excavation equipment. Its standard bucket capacity is between 1.0-1.2 cubic meters. This kind of excavator is widely used in various types of engineering construction, including pipeline laying, real estate infrastructure, mining and other fields.Under normal working conditions,···

1105,2024 What is a micro digger used for?

What is a micro digger used for?

Mini excavators are usually used in the following scenarios:Small space operationDue to their small size, small excavators can work in narrow sites such as urban lanes and indoor construction sites. They can flexibly shuttle in various small environments and are suitable for areas that are inaccessible to large machinery. This makes small excavators popular in some urban renovation or interior decoration projects.Pipeline burial and repairSmall excavators have good application prospects in pipeline construction and···

1005,2024 yanmar mini excavator for sale

yanmar mini excavator for sale

Yanmar is a leading manufacturer of small construction machinery known for its excellent product quality and superior performance.The Yanmar mini excavator is one of its most popular models,favored by builders,landscapers and farmers.It adopts advanced engine and hydraulic system,has excellent power and precise control,and can easily complete various earthmoving operations.The Yanmar excavator is equipped with a 0.13 cubic meter standard bucket,which can easily dig and load various materials.It also has an adjustab···

0905,2024 How many types of excavators are there?

How many types of excavators are there?

According to industry standards, there are usually the following main types of excavators:Crawler Excavator: This is the most common and widely used type of excavator. They adopt a crawler chassis, have good off-road performance, and are suitable for various terrains and working environments. Crawler excavators are mainly divided into the following categories:a. Standard crawler excavator: It is the most basic and common excavator model and is used for various earthmoving operations.b. Heavy-duty crawler excavator:···

0805,2024 China excavator price overview

China excavator price overview

China is the world's largest excavator market and one of the most dynamic and potential regions in this industry. With the continuous advancement of infrastructure construction and urbanization, the demand for excavators, as indispensable and important mechanical equipment in construction projects, continues to increase, and the price trend has also attracted much attention.1. Factors affecting the price of excavatorsBrand and model - The prices of different brands and models of excavators vary greatly. Mainstr···

0605,2024 Mini excavator equipped with breaker hammer

Mini excavator equipped with breaker hammer

Mini excavator is a multi-functional mechanical equipment widely used in various construction and construction sites.They are small in size and flexible in operation,making them ideal for use in narrow or complex working environments.When these small excavators are equipped with breakers,their functions and application areas become even wider.A breaker hammer is a tool that uses a hydraulic system to generate strong impact force and can be used to break hard materials such as concrete,stones,and bricks.When a small···

1704,2024 Is buying a mini excavator a good investment?

Is buying a mini excavator a good investment?

Investing in a mini excavator can be a wise decision for many individuals and businesses,depending on their specific needs and circumstances.There are several factors to consider when evaluating whether purchasing a mini excavator is a good investment.Versatility:Mini excavators are versatile machines that can be used for a wide range of tasks,such as digging trenches,landscaping,demolition,and small-scale construction projects.Their compact size allows them to access confined spaces,making them valuable in urban e···

0504,2024 How big is a micro mini digger?

How big is a micro mini digger?

A micro mini digger,also known as a micro excavator,is typically characterized by its compact size and maneuverability.These machines are designed to navigate through tight spaces and narrow access points,making them ideal for small-scale excavation and construction projects.In terms of size,micro mini diggers generally have a width ranging from 2 to 3 feet and a length of approximately 5 to 7 feet.The compact dimensions of these machines allow them to operate in confined areas,such as residential yards,narrow alle···

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