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Precautions for maintenance of small excavators in summer

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Just after the beginning of the dog days, the weather is extremely hot. Excavator machinery and equipment should also be properly relieved in a hot environment. Excessive ambient temperature and excessive operating temperature of mechanical equipment have great obstacles to the service life and work efficiency of the excavator. Only with appropriate working temperature can the equipment achieve maximum work efficiency and service life.

Here are some of the effects and precautions of high temperature weather in summer on equipment:

The service life of the antifreeze of the LEKING full series of excavators is 1000 hours or one year. It must be replaced regularly on time. Everyone knows that the high temperature generated by the engine at high temperature is all dissipated by the coolant and then by the fan. The cooling protective agent in the coolant is composed of chemical substances and additives. Excessive use time will seriously affect the cooling effect of the coolant and fail to achieve the purpose of heat dissipation.

Some customers add tap water as coolant for convenience. The high temperature of water generates scale, which is easy to block the waterway and fail to achieve the heat dissipation effect. In severe cases, it will damage the engine. So please use coolant in summer.

Please check the fan belt every day. If the belt is too loose, it will affect the operation of the cooling fan, the speed cannot be increased, and the external heat dissipation of the engine will be affected. If necessary, the fan belt can be replaced regularly.

The most important thing for the engine in summer is heat dissipation. Excessive oil or dust on the engine surface will also affect the external heat dissipation of the engine. If necessary, the engine surface can also be cleaned regularly to achieve better heat dissipation effect.


All mechanical equipment has a water temperature gauge on the dashboard, which can display the latest coolant temperature. If it reaches the red zone, the indicator light will light up, the buzzer will sound, and there will be an alarm prompt. At this time, it will prompt that the coolant temperature is too high. The engine must be idle and wait until the temperature drops and the indicator light goes out. Turn off the engine, check the coolant level, add it when necessary, and never open the cap of the coolant injection port.

Coolant is under pressure at high temperatures and may cause skin burns. Wrong practices may damage the engine.

External radiator

Check the cooler every day and clean the radiator if necessary. In an environment full of dust or pollutants, the radiator must be cleaned more frequently than the cycle specified in the maintenance plan. Failure to clean the radiator regularly will result in insufficient heat dissipation of the coolant radiator, abnormal increase in the operating temperature of the coolant, resulting in reduced engine power and work efficiency. In severe cases, the engine will be damaged.

Check the fan blades regularly. When old equipment is in use, the harsh environment may cause the fan blades to be damaged or incomplete. During the operation of the engine, the fan rotation air volume is insufficient and the heat dissipation effect cannot be achieved. If the fan blades are aging, please replace them to prevent the worn fan blades from falling off during operation, causing damage to the engine and water tank, and causing unnecessary losses.

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