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What material is the screening bucket made of?

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Many construction machinery need to use excavator screening buckets. Why is this? This is because its special needs bring us great convenience. The screening bucket is suitable for screening of various materials and has good mechanical properties. Its high production capacity and performance can meet the needs of quarrying, mining and large-scale construction site crushing operations.

[Screening bucket material]

1. Rotary screening bucket material:

The rotating screening tooth tip and internal protection are made of wear-resistant steel, which has good welding performance, high wear resistance and is not easy to wear.

All bucket lifting structural parts are made of Q345B high-strength plate to increase the structural strength of the shell.

2. All are tempered and quenched to ensure their wear resistance and durability.

3. The hydraulic valve block is made of 45# steel and sprayed with anti-corrosion paint.

Advantages of screening bucket

(1) Hydraulic motors, oil pipelines and other vulnerable parts are equipped with reliable protective covers

(2) The bucket body tooth tip and internal protection are made of high wear-resistant steel, and the structure of the force-bearing part of the bucket body is strengthened.

(3) All joints of the bucket body are inlaid with steel sleeves and pins.

(4) All hydraulic parts are protected by a closed structure, and process holes are opened at corresponding positions to ensure the convenience of maintenance.

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