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LeKing Machinery export a batch of excavators to Australia

Release Date:08.06.2022 Views: 848

The hot market heats up with the hot August. On August 5th, dozens of mini excavators were loaded into containers and slowly drove out of the LeKing Machinery Industrial Park. This launch is the third batch of products ordered by Australian customers for 100 units, which fully verifies the popularity of the mini excavators built by LeKing Machinery.

LeKing Machinery export a batch of excavators to Australia

Mini excavators can be equipped with more than 20 functional attachments such as breakers, sweepers, milling machines, grab buckets, and forks. Landscape construction, building demolition, port loading and unloading and many other fields. Due to its small size, it can meet almost all small construction needs, and it has obvious advantages in narrow spaces and special working conditions such as indoors, high buildings, and tunnels.

LeKing Machinery export a batch of excavators to Australia

In order to stand firm and gain a certain position in the global market, in addition to excellent products, timely and efficient service guarantee is indispensable. In recent years, LeKing Machinery has taken the lead in global resource allocation in accordance with the internationalization principle of "being the master, being in-depth, and being thorough", and has established a "two-horizontal" network that spans Eurasia and emerging markets, North and South America and Africa. "Two verticals" global market structure, products and services have covered more than 120 countries and regions, and have the ability to respond quickly and allocate resources in a timely manner on a global scale.

In the follow-up, LeKing Machinery mini excavators will surely win the trust of global customers with their excellent performance, lasting and stable performance, and the company's global service guarantee system, helping global customers to create value and help the company to further develop.

LeKing Machinery export a batch of excavators to Australia

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