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LeKing Machinery mini excavator exported to Germany again

Release Date:08.01.2022 Views: 848

The scorching sun in August blooms the most dazzling light of the whole season. On August 1, the delivery of mini excavators at the LeKing Machinery factory was in full swing. A batch of KV18 plus excavators were uniform, honked their horns in unison, and rushed to Germany, creating greater brilliance for the career development of LeKing Machinery's loyal customers.

LeKing Machinery mini excavator exported to Germany again

As a distributor who has cooperated with LeKing Machinery for nearly three years, it is based on the trust in LeKing, and the excellent product quality and excellent service have won customer recognition.

The KV18 plus mini excavator delivered in this batch has a dead weight of 1650kg. It adopts a load-sensitive hydraulic system, hydraulic pilot operation, enlarges and widens the chassis, and comes standard with the boom side swing and chassis telescopic functions, which can meet most of the customer's working conditions.

KV18 plus cabinet

The market is the only criterion for testing products. Only excellent product quality can win customers and win the market. In the future, LeKing Machinery will continue to adhere to the tenet of customer-centric, quality wins the world to create greater value for customers.

KV18 plus cabinet

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