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Maintenance cycle of small excavators

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Small excavators are an important type of engineering machinery and equipment, and they play an important role in construction site operations. In order to ensure the normal operation of the excavator and extend its service life, regular maintenance is very important. The following is a detailed introduction to the maintenance cycle of small excavators:

1. Daily maintenance:

Check the hydraulic oil, fuel, engine oil and water tank levels to ensure that they are within the appropriate range.

Clean and check the air filter, oil filter and fuel filter, and replace them in time if necessary.

Check the wear of the tires (if any) and tracks to ensure that they are in good condition.

Clean and lubricate all key parts, such as chains, pins, etc.

2. Weekly maintenance:

Check the hydraulic lines and joints to ensure that there is no oil leakage.

Check and adjust the tightness of the sleepers to ensure the normal operation of the tracks or tires.

Check and clean the radiator, fan and vents of the cooling system to ensure good heat dissipation.

Secondly, the regular maintenance cycle of small excavators:

3. Maintenance every 250 hours:

Replace the engine oil and oil filter.

Check and adjust the tightness of the engine belt.

Replace the fuel filter and hydraulic oil filter.

4. Maintenance every 500 hours:

Check and adjust the tension of the track or tire.

Replace the air filter.

Check and clean the radiator, water tank and fan.

5. Maintenance every 1000 hours:

Replace the hydraulic oil and hydraulic oil filter.

Check and adjust the working condition of the fuel injector.

Check and clean the engine intake duct.

6. Maintenance every 2000 hours:

Replace the engine coolant.

Check and adjust the engine valve clearance.

Check and clean or replace the engine air filter.

7. Once a year:

Perform a comprehensive inspection of the entire machine and make necessary replacements and adjustments.

The above maintenance cycle is for reference only and should be determined according to the specific model, working environment and usage. If the excavator works under harsh conditions such as heavy load, high temperature, dust, etc., the maintenance cycle may need to be shortened. Therefore, timely detection of problems and maintenance are the key to ensuring the long-term and stable operation of the excavator.

Maintenance of small excavators can not only extend their service life, but also improve work efficiency and safety. Therefore, companies should attach great importance to regular maintenance when using small excavators.

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