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China excavator price overview

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China is the world's largest excavator market and one of the most dynamic and potential regions in this industry. With the continuous advancement of infrastructure construction and urbanization, the demand for excavators, as indispensable and important mechanical equipment in construction projects, continues to increase, and the price trend has also attracted much attention.

1. Factors affecting the price of excavators

Brand and model - The prices of different brands and models of excavators vary greatly. Mainstream brands such as Komatsu, Caterpillar, and Kobelco are usually more expensive, while some local brands are relatively cheap.

Model specifications - The excavator's crawler width, hook arm length, bucket capacity and other specifications directly determine its price level. Larger and more powerful models usually cost more.

Manufacturing process - Excavators using advanced manufacturing technology have better quality and correspondingly higher prices. Some imported brands occupy the mid-to-high-end market with their excellent manufacturing processes.

Market supply and demand - When the industry prosperity is high, the supply of excavators exceeds the demand, and the price is relatively high. On the contrary, when the industry is in a downturn, prices will fall.

Subsidy policies - Various purchase subsidy policies issued by the government will also affect the final excavator sales price.

2. Price range of mainstream brand excavators

Komatsu (KOMATSU): 400,000-3.6 million yuan

Caterpillar (CAT): 450,000-4.8 million yuan

Kobe Steel (KOBELCO): 350,000-2.8 million yuan

Hitachi (HITACHI): 350,000-3.2 million yuan

John Deere: 450,000-3.6 million yuan

Hyundai (HYUNDAI): 300,000-2.2 million yuan

LiuGong (LIUGONG): 250,000-1.8 million yuan

XCMG (XCMG): 220,000-1.6 million yuan

3. Price change trend

In recent years, with the changes in domestic and foreign economic situations, excavator prices have shown certain fluctuations, among which:

In the second half of 2022, affected by factors such as rising raw material prices, the overall price of mainstream brand excavators will increase by 5%-10%.

At the beginning of 2023, affected by repeated epidemics and macroeconomic downward pressure, excavator prices dropped slightly, with a decline of between 3% and 8%.

Looking forward to 2024, with the increase in infrastructure investment and the application of new energy and intelligent technologies in the field of excavators, the industry as a whole is expected to maintain stable growth and prices will stabilize.

4. Conclusion

In general, China's excavator market is highly competitive and the price level is relatively high. However, with the technological advancement of the industry and the continuous improvement of regulatory policies, future excavator products will surely be more intelligent, efficient and environmentally friendly to meet the needs of different customers. Enterprises should pay attention to market dynamics, choose high-quality products that meet their own needs, and assist in project construction.

China excavator price overview

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