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Leking Machinery brought a variety of micro-excavation products to the Canton Fair

Release Date:04.19.2023 Views: 727

On April 15th,the 133rd Canton Fair grandly opened in Guangzhou,marking the first comprehensive resumption of offline exhibitions since 2020. Purchasers from 203 countries and regions participated in offline exhibitions. Leking Machinery, along with its numerous high-end micro excavation products, appeared on the stage of the Canton Fair, becoming the focus of attention for representatives of participating enterprises and customers.


In the company's exhibition area, customers came one after another,bustling with activity. Some customers communicated with staff to gain a detailed understanding of the performance and advantages of multiple micro digging products. Many customers even personally experienced the operation on the car, giving full recognition to the products of Kaidiwo and showing strong willingness to cooperate.


The 8 micro excavator models exhibited have a beautiful appearance,a compact and reasonable overall structure, and adopt new load sensitive technology, featuring excellent performance, low fuel consumption, strong power, and fast walking speed. Customers are constantly inquiring about the performance and configuration of the KV20 and KV22 models, and multinational merchants have also requested to visit the company to discuss cooperation on site.


Participating in the Canton Fair not only enhances the brand image of Leking Machinery's micro excavation products in overseas markets, but also brings new opportunities for sales and market.The company has participated in several consecutive Canton Fair and actively promoted its international development strategy through this international stage, continuously expanding overseas marketing channels.At the same time,through the exhibition and customer communication,we have learned the latest market information and needs, which will also help our company launch products that better meet the expectations of domestic and foreign markets in the future.


The company focuses on the research and development and production of small excavators,has fully passed the ISO9001 quality management system certification, has obtained more than 30 patents, and has been awarded the "High tech Enterprise" certificate. It has nearly a dozen product series, including KV10, KV13, KV17, KV20, etc., with complete specifications and diverse varieties,and an annual output of over 6000 micro excavators ranging from 0.8 tons to 3 tons. Our products have been exported to over 120 countries and regions, earning the trust and praise of numerous users both domestically and internationally for their excellent quality and performance.

With the rapid recovery of domestic and international economies,Leking Machinery is constantly striving to expand its domestic and international markets. The holding of this Canton Fair is an important display and exchange platform for Leking Machinery to go overseas. In the future, the company will continue to focus on user needs, persist in innovating technology, products, and operational models to continuously enhance brand influence and market competitiveness,bravely explore overseas markets, and become a leader in the micro excavator industry.

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